Rem 700 or Savage precision target action for .338 edge


Sep 19, 2007
going to build a .338 edge just wondering if there is much difference in these two actions as far as strength ? i know the savage is a short action i know i will have to remove the bolt to take out an unfired round adn im fine with that if there is an advantage to the savage action. i was thinking since its a short action it might be stiffer but its stainless and if i use a rem 700 i will use a chrome moly which is a harder steel so maybe this isnt true. i have never owned or shot anything made by savage this would be this first any info greatly appreciated. thanks
If interested, I have a new in box Savage action for sale here. Right bolt, Left Port.

As you said though, they are all short actions.
If yours isnthe in the for sale section I keep looking at it . I just sent payment for a rem 700 though due to the fact I couldn't find enough info on running the edge cartridge in the short action.
It goes without saying that you would have to remove the bolt to unload but I don't think you could actually load the Savage short action without removing the bolt first.
It goes without saying that you would have to remove the bolt to unload but I don't think you could actually load the Savage short action without removing the bolt first.

My RUM brass can be fed into it, without removing the bolt. I havent tried it on one that was loaded. But you are probably dead on ! It is a really short action it seems. They say even the 6.5x284's have to be unloaded by removing the bolt.
I figured with the savage target action that I would have to remove the bolt to remove a loaded round undid not think I would have to remove it to single feed live live rounds but that may be true I really don't know like I said in an above post I decided to go with a rem 700 becaus ei know it will work as Shawn Carlock aNd others build them on the 700 . As for th savage someone here or on snipers hide built one on a savage target but ibciuldnt find enough details to go with the savage though I think as long as your ok with single shot it would have worked.
There are several guys on savageshooters site that do it, you can load a live round without removing the bolt and extract a shot one but a live extraction is a bolt pull.
As much as I'm digging Savage product I think you will be happier in the long run with the long action. A long action Savage that was chambered in a 300RUM is the best to get your hands on and then spin a 338 barrel on but they few and far between. Or the ultimate is the action the Savage 338LM is built on but I doubt we'll see that for sale as an action only any time soon.
You'll have fun any way :D:D
The Remington bolt-face lock-up might be stronger, but the Savage is definitely a stiffer action. It is a complete round action (machined in single feed ramp and bridged reciever), it also beds into the stock with 3 screws (not 2). I love the Savage action, I have one in 22-250 and I'm going to build a 6mm NormaBR on one also, but I probably would have built your caliber on a Rem action myself, due to the length of the cartridge (Or maybe a standard Savage long action). If it was a short action, the Savage Target action is the way to go.

Just buy the Savage action and dremel the port longer lol lol lol (don't take this statement too seriously lol).
i agree the savage is most likely stiffer and i do like the 3 screw action i figured i managed to avoid buying a savage this long why start now ? i know they have gotten a lot better and most of them shoot great. i was really tempted to go with the precision target action the kicker for me was that its single shot thats what made up my mind.
I guess its a bit late since you already ordered an action. However one can purchase a Savage action through any number of places in either chromemoly,stainless,long or short,singleshot or repeating for between $352. (wholesale) and $570. Stainless/magazine fed (retail).

Pictured is my 338Edge on a Savage Target Action and a Standard Savage Striker. Requires a partial removel of bolt to extract a live round.


im starting to think i should have went the savage pta route i like the idea and it would be something different.
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