Rem 700 Mag Extractor Help



Not pretty on the part of LRI, but accuracy doesnt seem to be affected. Next time I'm at my smith I'll see if it will "buff out" HA!

The thing extracts like nobodies business though!

Problem Solved.
OP, LRI will fix it at no cost if you're unhappy with the finish. I'm actually surprised they let it leave their shop like that. Chad & Crew are very anal about fit/finish & will move mountains to fix their mistake.

I've known Chad for a long time & attest to the work they are capable of. One phone call and it'll be handled, they are only human.

Then again, it looks like a shooter!

This thread is very interesting as I'm about to pick up a Rem 700 in 300WM from a "Custom" shop.

Short story, 10 rounds of factory Hornaday 7 failed to extract.
Off to the shop and they recommend the M-16 install at $175 labor plus parts and 3 week turn around.
Today, 6 weeks later I received a VM stating work is done come get it bill is $386.

Called and was advised mill work at $225. Smith work (disassembly and test firing) $60. and $69. for parts + tax.

Not happy at all and let the owner know it, will see tomorrow how it pans out.

Glade your happy OP, what was your out the door cost?
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This whole thread is surprising to me. I have more Remington rifles than all other brands combined and I've never had any failure to extract. I even had a problem caused by the chamber and beat on the bolt handle with a rubber hammer to get the case out and that rifle to this day extracts perfectly. I've never replaced any extraction components in any of my Remington bolts. I've had some since my mid 20's, I'll be 67 next month. Maybe I've been lucky, VERY lucky, Paul
Thanks for the advise. he called today to let me know another action I ordered is he got the story fresh from the source. I will let him look at it and see what he thinks. LRI M16 extractor install is $175. Looking pretty good if its 100% reliable.
Can I ask you you sent it to ?
the only time I had an extractor issue was after the gunsmith opened the bolt face with a barrel change to 338 and put another Rem. extractor in it and the rivet came out a few times now it it back to a 30.06 with a new bolt many tears ago and no more problems