Rem 700 Barreled Action


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Jan 15, 2019
Built by Scott Weichel of Live Oak Accuracy

Action was trued and blueprinted.

25” bartlein 8 twist Rem varmint with a JEC brake

20 moa rail cerakoted same color

Oversized bolt knob

This had a dbm running an aics mag

Not exactly sure how many rounds have been fired. I am second owner.

Shot the rifle last week and it shot very well...
142 SMK over H4350, pics below @ 200 yards

Now for the bad...
I broke this rifle down to clean it for the first time since I owned it and found the bolt face has pitting in it around the firing pin. Since I have had the rifle I never had a punched primer or anything else out of norm happen. I have fired ~ 60 rounds from it. The barrel, throat and chamber all look good per gunsmith inspection. Had him check it over when I bought it and somehow we both missed the bolt issue. The bolt face has enough meat to be re surfaced. Or opened up to a mag bolt face and barrel re chambered to 6.5 prc. Would finish at 24” plus the brake after setting it back. I had this up for sale on here before and I’m glad it didn’t sell before I noticed this and made the “issue” known.

I’m just going to eat it and pass this on for somebody else to deal with as I don’t have the time due to other projects going on...

$575 shipped, no trigger.

I would entertain trades for leupold HD series or other higher quality scopes... may take scope plus cash on a deal as long as it’s 30 mm. I have several rifles needing glass.27D4934A-F2FC-45BF-A19B-7251AC8C2A5C.jpeg0FD7241E-6D94-45B1-9637-EDBA12444F5E.jpeg9DF5C6A5-C7A1-4CA1-B704-491F11285FA9.jpeg43FC466D-1CDA-42DD-9E50-153AC821C780.jpeg82DB386E-C913-432D-AC56-49393FF3F2A5.jpeg6FD8BD4D-8F9E-4DF4-BF3A-20DC4B0BFBCA.jpegC81C6B06-0BDC-456E-90F7-4E4ED5518858.jpeg5B6EEB58-FBDE-4F13-8EC6-13B57C12D4DF.jpeg