SOLD/EXPIRED reloading tools and components forsale..

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    Nov 30, 2008
    I have the following reloading tools forsale.. I upgraded my reloading bench and need to get some more room in the man cave:) .. following items are forsale..

    1- lee perfect powder measure... new in box.. $20.00

    1- lee safety powder scale... new in box.. $20.00

    1- lee safety primer feeder for both small and large primers.. for lee presses due to it mounts to the press.. $15.00

    300 RUM brand new unprimed brass.. I have alot and I know people are looking for it.. so I will help out some fellow reloaders. I bought them for a buck per round.. so will sell them in 50 round bags.. unprimed remington brass.. so $50 bucks a bag.. only will get rid of 100 or so rounds..

    100 rds SPF>>>

    wil make a deal for all three reloading components.. shipping to CUSA only please unless you want to pay the shipping cost.. everything listed has never been used.. or opened.. pm me if interested.. first I will take it gets it.. unlike some people on hear.. if you pm me before someone else.. you have first crack at it thanks

    kasey field
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