reloading supplies and ammo (read description please)


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Feb 28, 2008
Northern, IN
This is cross posted, it is best to contact me through email or text 574-202-0622 or [email protected]. If you reply to post or PM me, I might not see it before someone text or emails me. I want to sell together and not split if possible.

All prices are shipped prices.

45-70 $150 OBO SOLD
4 box new Remington ammo
60 pc once fired brass
250 300gn hp
25 405 gn hp
RCBS dies

41 mag $135 OBO SOLD
5 box of new ammo 4 are rem 1 is win 250 rds total
reloading dies

30-06 $150 OBO
Have 24 boxes of military
4 box of re-manufactured
5 boxes of new ammo

458 Win $160 OBO
have 4 new boxes

222 Rem $100 OBO Sold
Have approx 700 rounds of re-manufactured
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