reloading manifest


Sep 3, 2002
i would appreciate a brand name list for reloading 300 win mag. i would like to learn from your experiences and avoid costly mistakes.
i have a tumbler and understand that most of you prefer redding dies and i plan on getting an electric shell trimmer but don't know which brand to get.
i realize that you longrangers have probably given this info out hundreds of times but i've been monitoring this site for a while and haven't seen it printed.
your opinions and contributions of info will certainly be appreciated.


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Jul 6, 2002
to reload 300 WIN MAG

a full sizer redding , you use it

to full resize your case after several shhot and after to neck resize , on case shoulder move a little each time and if you not full size the body the round became hard to chamber .

a Redding S die ( neck sizer only ) with the good sized bushing ( depend on your neck thickness ) you use this die to neck size and keep your case a longtime and increase the case life

a Competition seater from redding or Bonnanza Forster BR with micrometric turret ( closely the same design ) Bonnanza is less costly and do the same job

a Davidson bullet comparator or a Sinclair nut to be able to check the real lenght of your cartridge when you tune the seat depht of the bullet / your engraving .
a Redding comparator in 300 WIN with dial gauge very clever tool but if you want to use it for seating your must have two presses on for the seater on for the comparator.
a K&P or Sinclair primer poket uniformer to get your primer at the same depht .
a good caliper to check all the dims ( neck dia after loading , lenght of th ecase , the cartridge .... )

except to make wilcats or forming from other case I never use electric case trimmer but always the very best Wilson case trimmer that a real must to get your mouth neck SQUARE to the body .

good shooting