Reloading liquidation


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Jan 14, 2017
I have updated the post to include shipping to make the transaction less complicated. Only item not inclideing shipping is the Dillon press. Also not shipping powered and primers

1. Hornady case trimmer, minor surface rust. $60 shipped
2 hornady rifle dies, probably only used once or twice 243win and 22-250 $30each
3. Dillon headspace gauges 223, 9mm $28 each
4. Lee headspace gauge 22-250 $15
5.Dillon 550 caliber conversions 223rem and 45acp $35 for 45, $30 for 223 missing locator button.
6.Dillon 550 toolheads (3) $21 each
7. Dillon powder drop dies (2) $12 each
8.Dillon 550b press comes with one tool head, powder drop die, powder measure and all the primer tubes and accessories if you were to buy it new $330 plus shipping
9..360 hornady 223 brass $52
10. Large flat rate basically full of LC 223 $60 shipped Sold
11.200 200g 45cal round nose $27
12. 155 180g 40cal $23


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