Reloading gloves?!

I have only experienced my single misfire after using w-40 on a magazine with my reloads in it
I stopped using the product and I have not had any issues since
Good evening
I use leather gloves when loading a lot of cases with the Rock Chucker on the handel hand so don't get blisters. Also use these from Harbor Freight

and use "Finger Cots" a lot when prepping brass. Easy to hold brass and doesn't wear the skin off your fingers with not wearing gloves.

I only had to worry about bisters, after starting to working for my dad 64 years ago. Those shovel, picks, and digging bar quickly toughen up my hands. Forgot the loading of broken concrete into a trailer to haul off, that I broke up with 10# slug hammer. My dad had a saying. "Don't force it son, get a bigger hammer".
Surgical goves, probable would be a good idea due to chemicals involued with and spent primers. I never use them, but thinking about it.