Reloading 300 Win Mag?

I saw pictures of one lb container with the lid being eroded away. Only saw that on Enduron powders
Could be. I've never had an issue. I think you and I have talked about this in the past (knowing me, probably more than once and I've just forgot! God bless my long suffering wife…🤣) I think we agreed to disagree about the powder itself having been the problem on those pictures and about how many incidents constitute a statistically significant problem. But either way, you're right they are discontinued, so it's a moot point or soon will be.

As far as powder longevity…I got some loads I'm itching to try in my .257 weatherby using Berger 115 grain vlds…and H570! Just opened the sealed can I bought. Time to see what 60 year old powder does. No funky smell or discoloured kernels. The can has pencilled on it "$1.95" and has a pencil written note on the side "Big Chief, may 1, 1964". I have no idea who this big chief was, but it's sobering to know that he most likely isn't with us today. Hope he don't mind me using his powder!!!
I like H1000 for it's reliable temp stability but it's hard to find right now. H4831SC, is fairly easy to find, also very temp stable, meters well. It's another solid option. I was recently breaking in some new 300 PRC brass with the 212 ELD-x and a mild load of H4831SC, had it shooting sub moa very quickly.

If you want to chase velocity, try N570 and you'll pick up another 50 to 100 fps, but it comes at the expense of barrel life, the flame temp is one of the hottest and it also burns very dirty, fouls the barrel fairly quickly.
300 wm 200gr.jpg
I run 200 grain nosler accubonds in 3 different 300 win mags. I have a TC venture, a Nosler model 21, and a Nosler model 48. They all shoot 1 inch or less with Reloader 22 and I really didn't do extensive load development. My load shot the same in September in the brooks range of Alaska as it did back home in South Dakota. I have shot reloader 22 for a long time in 300 and 7mm mags and never experienced issues. Not saying you couldn't have issues, but I haven't. I love me some reloader 22. Also know that I am strictly a hunter and most shots are <500 yards. Good luck!
It's the Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Edition.This manual is not Lee's data.It is data from other reloading manuals and powder manufactures.I like it because it's one manual that list a wide variety of powders and it also shows the pressures if available.
I think I have a pdf version of that but with everything that happened last 3 years, I forgot about it