Redding press - Big Boss II or Ultramag?


May 21, 2021
I have an Ultra-Mag and it loads everything well. My big gun is a 416 Rigby and it resizes it as easily as a 243. The ergonomics are great even when using quite a bit of force on forming wildcat rounds. As an aside when I broke a connecting pin 1 call to Redding and I had a new one in 3 days with no charge. The customer service there is as good as it gets! I use my 30 year old rockchucker only as a universal depriming station. I have been using my Ultra-Mag over 15 years now with only the single problem noted above. The $120 difference over the life of these presses is inconsequential. Sizing true Lapua/Rigby size cases in a RCBS vs. Ultra-Mag is night and day easier with the big boy.
I didn’t mean to make it seem like $120 was huge I realize it’s nothing in the long run but in the moment you do think about where the $120 could be spent when you got other pieces you gotta get like a new case trimmer and wet tumbler etc. I definitely liked the ultramag more from what I did know about it I just wasn’t sure if it was absolutely needed over the bb2. If I was gonna get the ultramag than it’d make me contemplate that or the t7 because they’re basically the same price. Having a turret would be really nice because I primarily shoot 2 calibers the most so I could have them both set and ready to go without having to set up dies back and forth.

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