Recommend me a gunsmith in Northern California


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Dec 20, 2017
Chester, CA
I live in NE CA and am looking for a gunsmith to build a custom rifle. I have a Rem700 that Lassen College gun smith program built for me and they did a great job, but I’m looking for a recommended gunsmith. I bought a TL Technologies action from Jack and I am looking to have it built. I would prefer to have a gunsmith in driving distance so I can bring him the parts and discuss particulars on the build. But I would consider shipping parts to a reputable Smith. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. For the build So far I have the action with a Timmney CE trigger and a Wyatt’s DBM. I am looking to do a lighter weight build with a Proof Research barrel and Manners EH-1 stock in 6.5 creedmore. Thank you!