Recoil & Bullet Weight


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Jul 7, 2021
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I actually hate to be the engineer in the room. It's 1/2 the mass of the bullet x velocity**2. So if you watch the velocity, you generally get a good result on reducing recoil. Of course, there is an impulse response that tends to be sharper with lighter, faster bullets (depends on what you respond to best), the mass of the rifle, and the loss of downrange energy (based mostly on BC over 500 yards). Some (like Hammers, which seem to be the rage) have a much worse stated BC than your Bergers and limit your effective range by as much as 100 yards based upon your energy on target minimum. Isn't life interesting? Tradeoffs. It's just math and empirical data which doesn't play favorites. I like fast and flat. Good hunting. Best.

That is an over simplification…
You can't answer the question unless you know what the velocity is. If velocity is a constant then a 20% reduction in the mass of the bullet will reduce "recoil" by 20%.

Also not true. You are neglecting the mass and velocity of the powder.