Rebates stink...venting


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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY
I appreciate that there are rebates available and this is a generic smack at all manufacturers in all product lines....not just firearms or associated industries, but any manufacturer that uses mail in rebates as part of its marketing war.

I believe Rebates are an evil.gun)

If the manufacturer was really willing to reduce the price, then do so at the onset.

I have had a few times where the hoops one has to go through are like a decathalon and it appears the manufacturer is really jst hoping to outlast the consumer thereby avoiding the payout.

Miss dotting (i) or crossing a (t) and no rebate for you!

Dates in fine print, bar codes on the original wrapper that are no longer legible as you destroy it upon opening a virtually indestructable wrap....

It is great when you finally get the rebate check or coupon after surviving the minefield of obstacles but it seems that this is the very thing the manufacturers are hoping for.

Attrition by subtraction. Each step of the way certain percentages are lost and in the end, few survive to gain the reward.

I would prefer to not do business in this manner.

OK, My rant is over:rolleyes:
Your not alone because I hear it every year and every year sales slip away at least for my business. Ive cut almost half of my order this season because of lack of sales.
I have many people who dont want to purchase if they have to send in the rebate form.
Bottom line is that the buyers job is to negotiate with the manufacturers and if that's the only way to project a great price image then that is what they must do. Competition is really fierce.
If you are ever rejected by the leading hardware co-op they can make a simple phone call and your rebate will be issued. Dont know about the larger stores but that is how it works with my store.
I've never made a purchase based on any price after rebate...more often than not I'll make the ourchase and the salesperson will say oh by the way here's a coupon or form for a rebate. Whenever that's happened I simply follow the instructions, fill out the form/s correctly, set it aside for 6-8 weeks and whala I get a check in the mail.:)
I know the economy is also having an impact on business and symathize to some extent for the small business owners.

I tend to reward those businesses that offer the best price on a large ticket item.

It is get me in the store and I usually buy someing else, or in some cases several somethings while I am at it. This is true of internet shopping on my part as well. I think the term for it is loss leader....????

I would say I would be hard pressed to stay in business for myself due to the internet,,,,,with so many businesses competing for the same dollars. So my hat is off to those of you who are in this dog eat dog competition.

I am of the opinion that I will pay at least 10-20 dollars more for a product that I do not have to process a rebate for vs the bottom line of one that I do have to do so for as I have been burned a few times.

I will also state that it is usually the bigger firms like Best Buy and or their suppliers that I usually get bitten by, not the smaller more customer oriented small businesses.
Anytime I can deal with a mom & pop shop or a business that's a small setup I do because most often there customer service is excellent and I'll pay more for that...and I'm not wealthy. IMHO-most folks shop for the lowest cut rate price out your walmarts and best buys...and what you get is the product period. When it comes to all math plus and minuses. You pay this much that's a plus and the product, light bill etc is the minus and if the people keep coming into the above huge retailers then they keep all the profit. The folks making decisions on number and quality of staff and customer service are to far removed and buffered. I mean have you ever been in a's the pits and best buy the check out area is like airport security. There's many other like Home Depot would be a long list of corporations...not all but, many. No thanks, I'll pay a little more and sometimes alot more, buy with confidence, save a bunch of time not running around to save a couple % on the price AND enjoy the experience. I'm done rambling on and will spend my bucks with the Sinclairs and Kirby's Targets and Lowes and not the Uncle M's, rems depots and wallyworlds-and if I miss their rebate...I'm ok with that.
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