rebarreling sendero sf ?


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Dec 18, 2001
338 rum has anybody run into the problem of the threads getting galled .if it happens where could a person find a new rem 700 action for the 338 rum,thanks,keith


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Jul 6, 2002
If galling is not deep ( smash thread or pull of thread ) and if that the factory thread in original dia , that perhaps possible to rethread bigger with a single point tool on a lathe to get something clean as soon as you stay in 16 thread /inch ...
you can too rebore to remove the top of the thread ( V thread ) and rethread in square thread to completely clean the thread faces

I have never galle REM thread , only M98 with very tight factory barrelfitting .

good shooting


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Aug 27, 2001
Del Rio TX
It should not matter if they gaul a little if you are going to rebarrel, since the threads in the action will be trued anyways.

the only time I ever have seen threads get damaged on a Remmy of any kind is when someone forgot to take the plug screw out of the first base hole. It was in far enough to rub on the barrel threads. Both barrel and action threads suffered for this, but when the acion wa trued, it didnt make any differance.


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