Rebarrel or ?


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Dec 15, 2016
Bought a 28N on here 5 years ago. Drives nails, super easy to shoot. It’s heavy (14lbs as pictured), especially barrel heavy. sucks to carry or sling. Has roughly 300 rounds down the pipe.
Bought a 30/28N on here 2 years ago, it’s awesome. Well balanced (11.5lbs)
So, put a Carbon barrel on the 28 To try and balance it out? Convert it to 30/28 as well? What’s your thoughts?
My cousin and uncle run 28’s as well so we have a mountain of brass, powder, and 195’s. I also have A LOT of the powder and 215’s for the 30, enough to convert this gun and still burn out the barrels on both.
Part of me hates to mess with the 28 because anyone can shoot it but where we hunt is so rugged, packing it around there is no fun.
Let me know what you think,


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