reasonable accuracy for 6-284 1-8 twist?


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Oct 19, 2001
I had a barrel switch done on my 220 swift(burned it out after 2500 rounds) and i had the Lilja 30" barrel w/ the 1-8(3 groove) twist chambered for the 6-284 Win. My smith use a .268 neck reamer so I've turned down the necks on 300 rounds of 284Win brass to right at .012 thickness. Before fireforming I'm getting at much as .009 runout on my loaded bullets( Sierra 107 gr MK moly). My load that gave me on good group(3/4"@200 yards) is 56.5 gr Rl 22 w/ a CCI BR2 primer. OAL is right at 3.1"
Ok, here's my dilema. Average accuracy is 1.75" @ 200 yards. I haven't tested to 500 or beyond. I figured to be worthwhile at longer distances, I'd have to be consistently 1/2 moa to 200 yards anyway.
Is this realistic? The smith accurized the Rem 700 SA before he put the new barrel on. My Swift shot 1/2 moa until I burned it up, so I know the action is in good shape.
My chronograph says I'm running right around 3550 fps w a SD of 20fps. When I was load testing, I went to 57 gr. rl22 only to have the 107 gr bullet come apart. Velocity was 3650 with those. I haven't tried any other bullet/powder combo, bewcause i was told from several guys who had a similar setup 107 gr mk's and rl22 was the combo to beat. Any ideas?

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