Reamers Wanted.

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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
Good evening all!
We already put-up Posts looking for Reamers and had a few offers, but not really any cartridges we could use or we already had one.
I went on EBAY and there are hundreds for sale at good prices, not a good selection and they were made in Serbia or the Ukraine. I don't want to trust a Reamer made in a war torn or third world countries. Heck at this time i only really trust JGS and Mason. PTG has been having trouble with their supply on everything.. Took nine weeks to get some Range Rods that were in "Stock" and still waiting for other items for over 3 months now.
Prices have gone up quite a bit since last year so looking for the hunter/shooter that had a build made and purchased the Reamer. Now he has a Reamer(s) with no use for the Reamer(s).
I built my 7/300 5 or more years ago. I sent the engineering drawings not some napkin drawing. It still took over 6 month, probably more like 9 months. First they sent me a very short go gauge (Valkyrie) my cartridge was based on a 300 Wm. case. Then it still took month for the reamer. I will say that when I got what I ordered that they were top shelf quality.