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Jul 8, 2012
Greeley ,Colo
Re: Reamer pilot

Yes i mean the pilot!! Sorry for my bad english, i writ from Austria/Europe!!
OK! 0-1 is oil hardning, if you make the pilot with it you can harden it in a drill press or milling machine. After you make it with a lathe or grinder leave the out side diameter about a .0005 larger than your finished diameter you need then put it on a mandrel then put it in your drill chuck and spin it about 200-300 rpm and heat it with a torch so turns a dull red color then lower the pilot down in a small container of oil while it is still spinning, Then let it cool and put in your lathe chuck and spin it and stone it to the exact size you need. Any way this is how I make them. I get my 0-1 tool steel from MSC supply they have it in small diameter rods in various sizes.