Reamer advice on 6.5x55 Swede


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Feb 11, 2004
I am building a 6.5x55 swede on a long action remington. I am planning on running 140 accubonds or 140 bergers in the 1 in 8 twist Hart barrel. Does anyone have advice on getting a reamer that can take advantage of the long action mag for this setup? Seems like it would be worth seating these as long as possible and I would like to be very close to the lands. Any thoughts?
Call Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool and Gauge and tell him what you want to do, including how much of that 140gr bullet you want in the neck/case.
He'll fix you up.
Jamie, Thank you. I have bought a lot of PTG Remington parts and went ahead emailed Dave my question. He responded quickly and it appears that the reamer my smith has is quite close to the one recommended. At this point, it appears things can move forward as planned. THank you
No problem Kurt. My last wildcat build was getting frustrating,...
Until I spoke with Dave on the phone. He straightened me right out, told me how to explain things to my machinist, and now I have exactly what I wanted!
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