Really PO'd with my Sako 75


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Dec 23, 2007
Houma, LA
Bought Sako 75 in 270 WSM about 5 years ago. It sat in safe until late this summer. I was going to hunt with it this year, but could not get it to shoot. changed scope & mounts, tried 3 factory and about 5 different handloads, tried 7 ro 8 different torquing settings nothing shot. I have 5 Sakos, this is the only one that will not shoot, other 4 will shoot almost anything 5 shots under 1" @ 100 yds.

Sent it to Beretta, they want to charge me $90.00 to look at it. Told them to send it back to me and my next rifle will be Steyer.
What kind of groups if any are you getting and at what yardage? Did you buy it new? Did you break the barrel in, what method did you use to clean, is the action loose, is the bolt handle touching the stock, get a magnifying glass and check the crown. Others I hope will also offer some suggestions. Let us know if you find anything.
gei, I've had a similar experience with Beretta/Sako. I bought a 300 WSM M85 Finnlight and it shoots about 2-4 MOA. I've sent it back to the factory twice and they sent it back both times saying it was good. They said the next time they would charge me. Not a happy camper here.

If you get it figured out, let me know.

Sounds like sako...well let's be honest Baretta wants to charge alot....they keep that up and business may fall least w/sakos. Not sako bashing, bought one in 69' still have it and love it.
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