Really enjoy conversing with you guys.

DJ Fergus

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Dec 25, 2015
I've posted something along these lines before but I would like to say it again. I stay busy and have friends at work and all kinds of other friends I don't get to see much cause I'm so busy but I really enjoy getting to converse with you guys here on LRH and read your posts. I've learned a lot from people here. I've got a lot in common with many of you other than just shooting. I kinda figure most of us are tinkerers with some mechanical & technical knowledge & experience. I've been repairing, modifying or tuning on something just about every day for past 25 years. I hope to get good at it one of these days 😂.

Anyway, I will stop rambling. Just wanted to say I appreciate it and appreciate you guys.
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Savage 12BVSS

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Dec 20, 2019
DJ good to see ya and see your post, I believe that there are close similarities with the street rodders and tuner's/racer's of supercars of past years and shooter/hunter/reloader/ gun and load tuner's of today. Freedom to take your own path to satisfication in many different ways.

For me it was a really big block and light weight car the first time and now it's a constant load and gun tweaking to achieve little holes on paper :)


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