Ready day or night


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Aug 20, 2010
N. Texas
Hunting coyotes and pigs are two of my favorite things to do with a rifle. A few years ago, I put this pair together to make it easy on me, no matter what I'm after. Heck, even deer hunting I just have to remember a 5-round mag, and all is good. This set-up is a CMMG lower and 2 CMMG uppers. 1 topped with an ATN thermal and the other with a Riton Optic 5 Primal 2-12X44 MOA reticle. The daylight optic is a proven performer, having taken down several fawn eaters out past 400 yards and multiple swine from 25 to 300 yards away. It's so easy to swap out uppers and be ready for whatever critters appear. My other new favorite hog rig is a Brown Precision .375 H&H, no longer just for the Dark Continent.


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I have finally picked up another .308 Win upper and running both for day and night. So much easier.
I run a Grendel I built with a TS 50 x 384 Adder by Agm at night. Amazing scope, long battery life, simple to run, and good for longer ranges at night.
For daytime a DPMS G2 in 308 with a Nightforce SHV 5 x 20 x 56.
Generally use 10 round mags in both. Both rifles are tack drivers. I can remove the scope on the 308 and attach the zeroed thermal in about 2 minutes If I want to run the 308 at night. The Grendel actually allows me to get better video at night with the reduced recoil.