Reaction To Bullet Impacts and Penetration

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  1. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    I know that Dave King has some interesting info on the reaction of big game animals to being shot (I particularly like his "Bang-Flop!), perhaps we could share some opinions and experiences on this topic.

    There seems to be some definite trends in animal reaction to hits in various regions of the body - heart, lungs, guts, etc. Since reading this forum I have learned that there are probably two significant types of reactions, dependant on the distance from the shooter (extreme distance whereby the animal does not know he is being shot at vs closer shots).

    I have some personal data based on killing several hundred head of big game, look forward to hearing from other hunters in this group.
  2. Dave King

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    May 3, 2001

    Looks like just me and you!!

    This years' Alberta buck did one of those "J" hook spirals of death runs. It died about 30 yards from where the bullet first impacted the deer but he ran about 80 yards. It KNEW the area it came from was safe and tried to make a mad dash run and turn to get back to the known safe area but went into a ever tightening spiral rather than coming out of the turn. It was heart/lung shot and probably went blind from low blood pressure during the turn, just kept on turning until it fell dead.

    During archery seasons I've had deer run when shot and then turn around and come directly back and die withing several yards of where they were initially shot. They often have the desire to return on a known trail to a safe area.
  3. Coyote Slayer

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    Jul 14, 2001
    Hi Dave and Ian
    I have taken a few wolves shooting one and having the other come right up to where the one has fallen and a few times after a small break have called again and had at least two members of the pack come back and look for the lost members.
    As with coyotes I had a male on a dead ram and watched as a female came up to him and go in to submissive actions and to be charged by the male and as she was leaving i took her only to have the same male make a wide arc and end up smelling the dead female and with a good heart and lung shot take off and cover at least 50 to 75 yards and then just pile up I think if there systems are charged it is hyped the same as a griz that that has it's heart and lungs shot out and still kills or dammages the hunter that shot it just my two cents on it Have a good weekend:Coyote Slayer
  4. BadLands Bob

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    May 8, 2001
    What I have found interesting on this topic, is the fact that animals I have shot, that were totally unaware of my presence, usually dropped right there, where as, animals that for some reason or another, were in an "alert" state, usually ran off after being shot. To me this relates to the Fight or Flight syndrome. Anyone else notice this, or am I completely out in left field on this?