RCBS .224 Valkyrie Full Length Die Set

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    Feb 21, 2019
    RCBS .224 Valkyrie Full Length Die Set **Sold** Pending Funds

    Brand: RCBS
    Mfg Number: 11201
    UPC: 604544634150

    Includes sizer die with expander-decapper unit and the seater die. These dies are advertised by RCBS as follows: Headspace kept to minimum tolerances. Includes built-in roll crimper. Also features built-in vents that release trapped air, removing any chances of air pockets damaging cartridge cases.

    Condition is excellent, used to resize and load about 200 rounds. Original green hard case packaging & instructions included. Asking $55.00 Shipped. Sorry I can't accept Personal Checks or Pay-Pal. USPS Money order, or Western Union / MoneyGram or comparable money orders only.

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