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    Mar 9, 2011
    I went out this morning and got in my hidie hole down at the farm. There was a Coyote out in the middle of the field. I set up and he was 273 yards. I guessed a little over 200. The 22-250 is suppose to be dead on at 200. He was broadside faceing left. I was laying down on a dirt bank. I put the cross hairs on the center of his shoulder and squeezed the trigger. He went down. When I when out to pick him up I saw he was hit in the neck? I thought well I just threw the shot. Before I left the farm I set up a target at 200 yards. Sure enought it hit high left corner of the notebook paper target. This is the 3rd time my rifles have been off this year. Twice I missed. The other two times I was using another rifle. I quit using it because I did not trust it. Now this rifle has done the same thing and on both rifles everything has been tight. Back at my shooting range I lowered the scope 4" and came over 3" I hit 1" right of the bull. There was a little wind 3 to 5 mph and bright and sunny, a lot of mirage. I shot again and the shots went 3" low. I shot again and put one beside it 3" low. I came back up 3" and but one in the the bullseye and shot another in the same hole and another just out. I don't know what is going on. I am sure I was shooting from a clean barrel but I have not had it shoot that much different before. I probably had left cleaner in my barrel and did not run a patch through it. That is the only thing I can come up with. The other rifle that I don't trust, was doing it on a dirty barrel that has had 20 to 30 shots throught it. I have not got around to testing it.
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    To me it sounds like something is loose or possibly broken. First thing I would do is take both rifle apart rings bases all off and barreled action out of the stock. inspect everything and possibly upgrade any mounts that are low quality. make sure the mount screws that go in the action arent too long and you arent bottoming out on the hole and its is actually tight (same with action screws). once that is all done you can rule that out. if you still have a problem look at your scope. it could easily be the culprit but I would put money on something being loose