Ranges near New Braunfels TX


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Oct 26, 2022
Any input would be appreciated. I just moved to New Braunfels TX and I am looking for a range or ranges to shoot at. We have looked at a few sporting clays ranges but we are looking for a nice outdoor range to shoot everything from pistols to long range. I have a daughter who will probably start shooting in the next year or so, so family friendly would be nice. We only had 2-3 ranges where I moved from so the number to choose from here is a little overwhelming but in a good way!!

Thanks for any input!!
Not the nicest but local and has everything you described, look up Dietz gun ranch located on hwy 46 just outside of town headed west
Thank you. I've had a few others recommend them but say to avoid the open to the public times. I think I'm going to go give them a shot, I think they are only like 15 minutes away so would be pretty convenient

Cedar ridge is another simi local range located on 1863 between NB & Bulverde, I e shot there a few time and wasn't disappointed.
This was the one I was going ro try to hit up next weekend so I'm glad to hear that. They didn't seem like too far of a drive either.