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Oct 2, 2006
I am looking at possibly buying a range finder. I am looking really hard at he Leupold RX-1000 TBR.
I am sure that some of you have purchased one of these. Is this ranngefinder worth the $400.00 price tag it has, and does it give the true ballistic range as it says? Would I be better off saving some more cash and buying the Leica 1200?
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Save for the Leica, have yet to hear of anybody being satisfied with the Leupold range finders.
Thank-you very much appreciate the help. I will steer clear of the Leupold, and save for either the Leica or a Zeiss. I am one that has a hard time making a decision on optics, especially when I get heat from the wife for buying or even talking about buying new optics. I just want to make sure I get the most for my purchase, becuase like alot of you I have budget for my hunting supplies.
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How about "rangefinder-binoculars" ?

Lieca, Zeiss and others make them. Price can run from $600 to over $3000. Some have a rangefinder grid versus a digital number.

What are your thoughts,
I would stay away from leupold rangefinders, I had one and it was worthless. I just bought a new zeiss PRF Victory and it seems better than the leica 1200 I had.
I bought a Lieca 1200 LRC for $500 from gr8fuldoug on this sight. That's only $100 more than what your going to spend on the Leupold. Gr8fuldoug is from one of the sites sponsers, Camera Land.
The other place to look into is SWFA's Samplelist.com. I just checked Samplelist for a leica 1200 and their out but they have them all the time.
Do the Leica also show the true ballistic range?

No they do not. They only show yardage/meters to the target no matter what the angle is.

Can it also be used with bow?

Sure. But a Leica 1200 is a bit of an overkill if your using it only for bowhunting.
Take a look at the Nikon Gold 1200. I have only tested it against the Leica outside a store and it was the only one that was consistent with the Leica out to 800 yds which was the farthest we could range. The only thing I did not like about the Leica was it does not have a screw hole for a tripod. It is the only one that I saw that did not have one.

I've seen the Nikon for $349 new and the Leica for $600 new.

I will probably get the Nikon because I haven't read any bad reviews about it yet and my budget is running low since I have a new Viper 6-24X50MM PST FFP scope on order.

Rangefinders leupold vs leica

I purchased a Leupold mark III rangefinder a few years ago. It was replaced about a year ago by Leupold because the inclinometer quit working.

At last year's Boomer Shoot with ranges betweeb 375 yds to 700 yds my friend Fred used his Leica while i used my mark III.

Most of the time the Leica gave a reading while my Mark III did not.
I have tryed all of them and still have a leica 1200, but the one i like is the newcon 2000, for the money you cant go wrong. I ranged a dog at 1200 yards and you will never do that with the leica. check them out.
I've had my Leica up against a Swarovski and a Newcon. The Swaro and the Leica were nip and tuck but the Newcon ranged a couple targets that my Leica didn't. Not many, but a few. Newcons are better but Leica is worth the money, no doubt.
Check with gr8fuldoug, he might have another one for $500.
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