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Sep 12, 2002
Hello to you all.

I asked this question on another board with out any luck. So I´m going to see if you can help me with this one.

Have any of you heard of rangefinders from Osprey International? The one I´m thinking of is called EMC4 with a measurement range up to 1600 meters.

Generation 1
Magnification 7x
Deg 8
Power Source 9v Alkaline or Lithium
Dimentions 120 x 122 x 60 mm
Weight 18 oz

Please tell me if you know anything about this and if you think they are good enough for the price.

Greetings from Iceland

Greeting from next door in Ireland.

I do not own a laser rangefinder but one is on my list.

While you are waiting for a more informed reply, perhaps my post will be of interest to you.

From the posts I have read on this site, the Lecia laser rangefinders seem to be the way to go interms of quality of build and ease of use.

I have not been able to track down information on the Osprey models so I cannot tell you anything about them.

The Lecias do not go to 1600M, I think 1200M max,but if you want to go that far, perhaps you should follow this link:-


Kindest regards

Haven't heard of them up to this point.

Here's a link to their site, maybe someone will recognize the device and if possible the OEM for this laser rangefinder.

They do look a bit alike, here's the Newcom 1500.

Maybe one has the image inverted so we see a left and right version??


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Hi Guys, Leica are introducing a rangfinder this summer that is incorporated into thier 8x42 and 10x42 binoc's, i think it will go to 1400m or so.. this is the one to have IMHO.
Hey 700! I really like this Swizz Rangefinder
Maybe a bit to much of a thing to take out when hunting caribous.

I will maybe by me self a Leica but my local dealer was offering me the Osprey very cheap. But it scares me a little that no one has ever heard of the osprey.

Thanks for the post
Keep us posted Brent. I am very interested in the Leicas as well. I may just have to sell my Swaros to buy a Leica rangefinder/bino.
1500 to 1800$$ new.
I was fiddling around with a used unit called XLR ( is expensive brand new 2300$$) i was able to range a 4inchx4inch and 8 feet high piece of wood at 1180 yards consistently.The unit has a max of 2200m
and weights 2 pounds
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