Rangefinder questions zeiss and swarovski


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Nov 18, 2008
Hello, I posted about Newcon, but no one answered. And I have read a lot of threads about various rangefinders. So here is my primary question, which rangefinder, i am thinking zeis or swarovski will consistently range deer or atleast flat ground from on top of a hill to 1200 yards? or will none of them do that? I live in PA so it is not incredibly mountainous, but i need to be able to range from say the top of a hill to the bottom where it is flat, that is on a power line to explain a little better. i have a leupold now, and the best i can get out of it in these situations or ranging poles or rocks or ground even is 700 yards usually more like 600 and some its an rx 3 that i got cheap

thanks for the repsonses in advance
I have a Bushnell 1500 that will do what you want all day long. Of course I have seen Bushnell's that would not do much more than 800. That particular unit will outrange everything except a Swaro. I keep my Bushnell as a backup unit because it was so cheap and it is so very good.

People make a lot of claims about the technology of one range finder versus another but in my experience about half the game is in how the unit was assembled and whether everything is properly aligned. Pretty much just good or bad luck of the draw sometimes.

There is nothing better than the Swaro for the price but the question is how much money do you want to spend to kill a deer.
yes that is very true, i say 1200 because that is where i can shoot deer at any distance from 0-1200, but i will shoot further at targets, but i can verify that through gps and that is mainly when our lake is frozen
There is nothing better than the Swaro for the price.

I agree. For the intended use and required perfomance, the Swaro will in all likelihood get the job done.

It's true that not all lazer rangefinders, even of the same brand and model, are created equally.

I've read of Bushnell 1500 Arc rangefinders that would read out to 1500 yds. The one I had wouldn't range past about 900 yds.

Most of the Swaro field reports do have them ranging distances farther than 1200 yds under the condition described - hitting a hillside or hitting a valley floor or flatland from a hillside.
I have been using a Leica LRF 1200 for years... and it has never let me down. the new Leica CRF is waterproof, pocket sized and faster than my older unit. Hopefully Santa will bring me the CRF 1200 for Christmas! NJS
My zeiss prf (about 3 weeks now) met all my expectations. I am very pleased so far. The bino style orientation works well for me. I use the two handed elbows tucked in hold pretty well and once I find a tree, a rest, etc it just keeps getting better. The retical is easy to see in 99% of the light. My unit has no problems in the bright noon day sun, no problems on snow. I am sure that all the units mentioned will do the job. I just wanted to say that the Zeiss PRF works as advertised (so far). thanks rc
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