Range results- Savage 110fcp-k 300wm


Sep 6, 2009
I have worked on loading for my 300wm now for the past month. I posted on this site for advice a while back about this caliber and rifle and i appreciate the help. I shot my current best today with 2 different loads i had wanted to work. .277 inch group with 208gr amax and .39 inch group with 165 nosler bt. I will post pics soon. I'm excited because i was shooting 1.5 inch groups at best with factory rem and win hunting ammo. I can't wait to try it out on whitetails tomorrow (first day of rifle season in tn). You guys brag sometimes too so don't give me a hard time. This is the best i have ever shot.

208gr amax
79gr H1000
win once fired brass
cci mag primers
bullet seated to touch barrel
2860fps out of 24in barrel

165 nosler ballistic tip
84gr H1000
same other specs but 3175fps

I want to thank yall for the help and all the information i have read on this site.

btw I have 190 berger vlds also and i cant get them to shoot. Any ideas? It's not in my budget to keep shooting without results that make it seem worth it. The 208s are nearly half the price of bergers anyways i guess but i would love to get these vld hunting bergers to print a respectable group so i can make a kill shot i can be confident in.
I am currently researching ideas for a Savage Long Range Hunting Rifle...either in 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag.

Sounds like you got a good one...groups sound awesome for a factory rifle!!!

I would try Accubond if I were you...

The 165 BT should be great on Deer sized game at longer ranges....at under 100 yards you are gonna see some explosiveness.
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