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Nov 3, 2008
I just tried out my home made rangefinding target today and am very pleased with the results. So I thought I would share it with you blokes.

The board consists of a 2'x3' board, painted white with 8 trailer reflectors screwed to the top of it. 4 red and 4 white.

I tried it at a known distance of 1543 yards, ranging into the setting sun which is a challenge for most rangefinders. I have read this distance before at this time of day and without the reflective board and it struggled to read the distance. The Swarovski rangefinder however this time picked it up quickly and easily.

First I ranged it over a sand bag to get a steady reading, then I tried off hand, and even though it was a bit hard to hold off hand it still read the distance no problem.

I then walked towards the target and purposefully moved the rangefinder about quite a bit as it was trying to read the distance. It still read a corrected distance, the closer I got.

The return signal from these reflectors must be quite strong for the rangefinder to do this at this time of day, as it seemed to be ignoring all background signals and only reading to the reflectors.

This is going to be quite useful as I can now do my field target practice without getting false signals from nearby shrubs and trees etc.
You may not need to go to that extent to get reliable target reflectivity. I use a few Jam-it targets that have a backboard 12"x18" or slightly larger. I put a 2" wide band of reflective tape at the top and sides. I get fast, repeatable readings at 1,000yds with no problem. I never tried any farther.

I got the tape from a guy who makes reflective road signs but similar tape can be found where trailer lights and such items are found. The nice thing about the tape is that bullet holes don't effect it at all. :D
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