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Sep 23, 2003
I would like to get a range finding scope and wanted to get some opinions. I would like something that is or around 4-14power. I've looked at mil-dot, ballistic plex, bal.mildot, and other reticles and just wanted to see which you guys prefer and what brands you like. thanks
I would recommend mil-dots but that's what I've been trained on and I practice a lot with them. If you go with a leupold scope, I would spend the extra bucks and buy one from Premier Reticle and have them install their new 2nd Gen midot. I love that new reticle.

I would stay with mildots over the ballistic plex for one reason. I doubt you'll ever find a bullet/load combination that will match the ballistic plex trajectories. A 10 to 20 degree change at long range will screw things up. Mil-dots are a consistent means of ranging and do not get affected by atmospheric changes.

This is not to say they are easy to use. Yes, easy to understand the formulas especially when you cheat and purchase a Mil-Dot Master. But you must practice with them and practice a lot. Most new shooters who learn to use them can break the mil-dots down to 1/2 and maybe 1/4 increments. This works fine out to about 500 yards. But you should practice enough so you can break them down to 1/8th increments, though I know a few marine corp. snipers who can break them down to 1/10th increments. The smaller the increments you can break them down to, the more accurate you'll be a longer ranges. If you want the formulas for mildots in yards or meters, just email me.

I've never tried to figure out the TDS reticle, though I've seen and tried the Horus (Horror) reticle. Way toooooooooo much information on the reticle for me, plus the ballistic program that comes with it is suspect at longer ranges.

Just my $0.02 worth. Hope it helps

My choice is Nightforce with the NP-R2 reticle, works with ranging anything and not just limited to that either.
Much quicker, simpler, and better resolution than Mil-Dots any day. Sorry guys.
Consider the IOR Valdada MP8 reticle. It is very easy on the eye. It gives 10 MILs of holdover, 5 MILS of holdunder and 5 MILS of windage in each direction. Markings are broken into 5 MIL, 1 MIL and 1/2 MIL increments.

The 4-14 x 50 Tactical might be well worth considering, but it is expensive.

Have a look at

and choose

4-14 x 50 Tactical


4-14 x 50 Tactical Illuminated

from the drop down menu.

These scopes are also available with a MILDOT style reticle.


I personally like the MOA Scale reticle:


Height Target (in) x 100
--------------------------- = Range (yards)
Height Target (MOA)

So target 72" tall subtending 12 MOA is:

72 in x 100
------------- = 600 yards
12 MOA

or another example:

10in paperplate Subtending 5 MOA is

10 in x 100
------------- = 200 yards

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Who makes the reticle in the pic?

Here's something Sam posted that helps simplify things even more.

Half the Size of Target (inches)
________________________ x 100 = Range (Yards)

Size Target (lines)

Notice my modification to the formula for use with the R2 reticle and the 2 moa line (tick mark) spacing.

This cuts each of the numbers in half and makes for quicker math in your head under pressure.

Another hint from Dave...

We can measure with it providing we know the distance.

Deer/Elk antlers size = distance in yards (LASER) / 100 * M.O.A. = target size in inches.
I use ostly IOR NP8 now , that clear and easy to use


on what scope you get your reticule picture ?

good shooting

Here's something else really great about this reticle.

So you find that the range is 350 yards. You look at your comeup chart and find that you need 5.4 moa of elevation.

You don't have to convert anything to mils or crank any knobs, you just put 5.4 moa line on the target and squeeze!

I think the thing is kinda cool. My next scope will have it.


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I think that's right decision to take the Mildot scope. It takes the possibility to estimate distance to target and makes correction on wind and on the speed of the target. Some good scope's for reasonable price you could see on http://www.posp.ru
Some questions you might ask me by e-mail [email protected].
Have a good huhting!
Get the US Optics SN-3 with the MOA reticle DMCI shows. You cannot go wrong! It ranges easier, it shoots easier, and it only makes sense. It will definately be on my next scope as well
OOPS! I think someone let the cat out of the bag!

MOA Scale reticle will be avaiable from USO in December.

And a nine inch PD subtending 3 moa is at 300 yards.


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since I have WAIT more than one year after to have pay 50% as deposit for a SN3 and after I have get the SN9 ( not delivery = not pay )

I have stop to have trust in US optic

the reticle will be avilable in december but of wich year ???

last point

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good shooting

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