Random Pics of wildlife and nature

Discussion in 'Nature Photography' started by nitrousmudbogger, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Feb 6, 2011
    Im not near as good as some of you guys but I like to catch some of the stuff I see.vThey were sitting outside of our horse lean-to. It was hot out.lol
    7pt Muely shed just hanging in a tree![​IMG]
    Big fat bear[​IMG]
    My dog saw these racoons. 3 total[​IMG]
    Nice muley wouldnt turn around[​IMG]
    No tell canyon[​IMG]
    I had 13 eagles, 3 ravens, 2 magpies but couldnt get them all in one shot. I shot a gopher last spring and everybody was hungry![​IMG]
    The Heart above my folks place[​IMG]

    Nice lookin muleies by my folks place this summer[​IMG]
    I think this is a true 30" buck[​IMG]
    Working on my clarity. Hopefully will get some clear pics some day!