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Been using Hodgdon's with few complaints, but just got a bunch of stuff from Ramshot and a few other powder companys; telling me why I need to use their powder. Would appreciate knowing what you prefer, and why you changed. Thanks!
I'm another Hodgdon's fan, and I love their Extreme powders (Varget, H4350, etc.) but I hate sticky powder measures from extruded powders. I've used Xterminator and Tac in the .223 and liked them; I'm getting set to try Hunter and Magnum in some other calibers (6.5-08, eventually 6.5-284). The last .308 I had didn't particularly care for Tac; other people love it.


Ramshot was very hesitant to give out loading data. You are pretty much on your own. Guess it is a lawyer thing.
Way I see it the Johny come latelies need to work REAL hard to convert new customers and I don't see them trying.

Just my .02
I use Tac in my .308 and absoloutly love it! It dumps very consistantly and is very clean burning. Here is my load
Lapua .308 brass
168gr.nosler match
Federal 205 Gold medal match.
progressivley loaded, a consistant .500 to .750 groups. I have also used magnum and hunter in other calibers and both were o.k.
If your dumping loads,this is definately the powder to use.
Ramshot has a free loading manual, just did an update to it and it has quite a bit of data. Starting from nothing they are doing a very good job of making their manuals more comprehensive.

I just shot a bunch of their stuff and the Cooper rifles were shooting superbly in various calibers.

Anyone who uses a powder measure will like Ramshot powders, flows like water.

They are relatively small but doing very well and are growing - just announced purchase of another powder company for instance.
Ramshot's "Magnum" powder is fantastic in the 6.5-284. Burns very cool, great velocity vs. pressure standard deviations of 7, velocity of 3174fps w/Berger 140 VLD's jammed into lands. Best group to date: .348 inches at 300 yards. Powder worked great w/120 Ballistic Tips as well first group at 300: .515 inches. Also meters very well from a measure. Good Luck.
Nighthunter.....Thanks! I wish I could shoot that well every day. You will like the Ramshot "Magnum" powder. Good Luck.
Where is the best place to to pick up some of Ramshot's "magnum" powder? I'm using H-4350 with good results but am open to change.

Give Otto Weber a call in Oregon 541-747-0458. His website: www.okweber.com he should be able to help. If not, let me know and I will try to find another supplier. Good Luck
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