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I have attacks of curiosity and just like to play with things sometimes just to see what they will do the kind of thing I see some people on YouTube doing reviews of different products where they ask for a company to loan them a product so they will give it a review. I just buy mine and if I like it, I play around with it if I don't then it goes to my grandson's gun safe.
Sounds like a fun rifle. I’ve got a 25 Creed shooting 135 Bergers. Great little long range cartridge and doesn’t ruin hides at any range, but kills really good.

This recent miss and a couple of others have really shaken my confidence. This shot was 440 yards at three sleeping coyotes, and I really took my time and was very careful out of fear of blowing an easy shot. I hit about 1 MOA high, which completely baffles me. So I’m shooting some groups on paper to make sure my load is shooting good, and then I need to just shoot more practice shots to rebuild my confidence. All part of the game—I’ll figure it out!
Years ago I found some 10x50 binoculars on sale for 60.00 they were Jason perma focus so I bought them to try out. they had good clarity and worked well for what I needed till my son dropped them about 50 feet off the side of a rock pile and broke one of the objective bells off at an angle. That company got bought by another competitor and they aren't made any longer. I have found that with any optics you need good quality glass or if you are looking through them much you will have eye fatigue, neck tension and a headache there are times that even with high quality products you will get something that slipped past the QC people, but it seems that isn't often the case and they also tend to make it right without having to fight them. How will I know what will and what won't do what I need it to do for me if I don't experiment with it for myself, in today's world there are others out there that do some of the testing of things and give reviews that is actually a more common thing in the last few years than at any other time before in my lifetime due to social media and having more access to the world. That's good and bad.
Windypants; that's the kind of thing that does tear up my self-confidence as well. Yup it takes time to get over it. So then did you keep those pieces of brass separated from the others? Did you keep track of the temperature and humidity, a heavy or light weight piece of brass has a difference in powder capacity so a change in pressures, with the same powder charge, as does the temperature. I learned several years ago that if I needed more reach to lay my rounds in the sun and heat them, you can if you are running close to max get over pressure from that. A rifle chamber that is hot or cold will change the temperature of the round as well thus the pressure and the impact of the bullet. But if you use a temperature stable powder that helps to keep that to a minimum. That is the art form of it as well as the part that keeps it interesting not anything stays the same from one part of the day to the next a constant state of change going on, please let us know what you figure out. All things that you already know. Yes, it's a fun gun something to keep me busy and thinking.
I didn’t keep the brass separate, but should have. I’ve weighed a good sampling of it and it was very consistent. N570 is supposed to be very temp stable, and the Revic BR 4 calculates all the environmental variables into the ballistic solution so I don’t think the issue is there. I mounted my new scope I’d just got on warranty replacement and shot about 25 rounds testing different things. I never had any fliers, but, as I suspected, my load had gone a little out of tune. This barrel is approaching mid-life at 335 rounds. It shot about .5MOA at 1077 yards. I shot a powder charge test and found I need to lower it 0.2 grains to 88.7 and I’m back in business. I’ll verify drops at various distances in the morning, and then go find some coyotes! None of this explains that miss, but it helps with my confidence knowing my rifle is doing what its supposed to and the rest is all on me. This 87.9 group is bigger than normal since it’s the first one after cleaning.
3-24 target.jpg
I thought you said that you did that. There are so many variables it's like hunting coyotes to keep a rifle shooting good groups. I have seen scopes change with use from the threads wearing in and lose their consistency and that is another part of the challenge that keeps life from being boring.
And again, there was an attack on a toddler by a coyote in AZ . The interview that I saw was short and quick, but the officer said he thought the coyote may have been fed by humans as it has no fear of people. I have seen a lot of coyotes raised by people even when you get them with their eyes closed, they have a wild streak in them, and don't really make a pet. When I have seen the ones raised in a pen for urine collection they pace back and forth in it always wanting to be free. Most of the ones that people thought were their pets made the escape and went back to running but weren't afraid of humans then and became aggressive. Deer are the same they don't really make good pets and are better left to fend for themselves. Around 80 people are attacked by deer every year in the United States that have been fed by people. I would suspect that the USDA Wildlife Services guys will be called to come kill the coyote and have Rabies testing done but I am sure the little guy and his mom are already getting the preventive shots. Again, well-meaning people that really don't understand what it is that they are doing will cause more harm to wildlife than they will do good for them. If you know of people that are feeding wild animals, ask them not to I will not argue with them but will tell them why they shouldn't, they actually will be the cause that these animals will end up being put down. Last year I saw some rubber feed pans in the front yard of a house beside a road latter in the day I saw a small herd of mule deer crossing the road going to feed at the feeders within a week I saw one road killed deer there and two that had been hit with broken legs flopping as the moved. Next, I saw Game and Fish trucks two guys picked up the feed and then dispatched the deer with the broken legs. Yes, they were taken care of to death because someone didn't stop to think ahead of what their actions actually would end up causing.

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