rabbit choker, New Hampshire

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  1. rabbit choker

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    Oct 30, 2018
    88 year old geezer. Grew up on a farm in MN (hense rabbit choker).

    Lived most of my life west of the Mississippi. Hunted deer all over, Killed a dozen bull elk in Montana.
    Killd a nice big Kudu in Africa. Hunt pheasants with my buddy Springer Spaniel.

    Most of my rifle hunting has been under 200 yards. I don't get around so well any more soI'm developing an interest in long range shooting. Got a 300 yd range fairly close.

    Been selling rifles lately. Kept my favorite elk rifle, model 70 338 with BOSS and a Browning Varminter 223 with BOSS. Both very accurate (less than moa).

    Haven't handloaded much except for pistols, but I'm interested.

    Looking forward to learning from the big dogs
  2. Vortex!

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    Apr 28, 2018
    Welcome! I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting and helpful information. Have fun.
  3. Heavyiron

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    Apr 11, 2016
    Welcome to Lrh. This is a great website