For Sale R700 7 Rem Mag in McMillan and FN SCAR 20S- PRICE DROP


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Oct 11, 2018
Been rummaging around this past weekend and decided I need to get rid of some stuff that I've been holding on to. Realistically I don't see myself coming back to these, so it's probably best to liquidate.

First off is a Trued Remington 700 LA in 7mm Rem Mag. Components as follows:
-Stainless R700 LA trued (Has the super fancy jeweled bolt too)
-26" Bartlein 1:8" Twist Sendero Contour (#13) w/ Vais Radial Brake chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum
-McMillan Adjustable Game Warden in Coyote Ambush with custom pillar bedding and pic rail segment (Bipod NOT INCLUDED)
-Timney Calvin Elite Trigger set @ ~1.25lbs
-Hawkins Precision DBM bottom metal with 5rd 300 Win Mag magazine
-Extreme Hardcore Gear 20MOA 1-piece rail with integrated bubble level at back of rail.
-All work on action, barrel, and stock was done by Fritz at Mile High Shooting Accessories.

Tube has right at 1k rounds on it. Pulled the scope to put on something cheaper to feed with full intentions of coming back to it and she's been sitting in the corner since. It was easily shooting under 1 MOA when it went into retirement, truth be told I didn't shoot this gun for groups a whole lot but it will wear out an 8" plate at 1k. I love this gun and it boggled the brains of a lot of people in its day. Ran good with 180 VLD's but it really liked the 195's.

Price Reduced!
Asking $1500 OBO
R700 Right Rear small copy.jpg
R700 Left small small.jpg
R700 Comp.jpg

Next up is an essentially new FN SCAR 20S that I bought new and only put 30 rounds through it. I brought it home, threw my 2.5-10x NSX on it and sighted it in. Put 2 more mags through it before putting it away for the day knowing it needed more scope to really take advantage of it. Got home, pulled the scope and put it back in the box awaiting a deal on a scope. Well it's been sitting for getting on a year now and my interest has waned. I'd like to free up some cash for something that tickles my fancy a little more. Comes in original box with paperwork and 10rd Colorado Compliant Magazine.

Asking $3600 OBO.

Scar Left.jpg
Scar Right.jpg
Scar SN small.jpg

Would prefer to sell local (Live in Denver, travel to UT frequently so I can meet up somewhere in between or elsewhere within reason) but can ship to your FFL with you covering shipping and all transfer fees.

Don't have anything specifically in mind for a trade but open to offers.

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