R.W. Hart Heavy Benchrest Rifle


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Feb 18, 2008
Timberville Va
I purchased this rifle a while ago at an estate sale with the intention of having it rechambered. Life has happened and it has just sat in the safe and will probably continue to do so. Here are the details as I know them.
Action: R.W.Hart measures 7.375", barrel sleeve measures 7.625" serial # 412
BARREL: R.W. Hart 30" long 1-10 twist (measured with patch and cleaning rod) diameter at end of sleeve 1.347", at muzzle 1.225"
Caliber: 308 Fielding (30-8mm rem mag)
Stock: McMillan 50HBR, black and grey mcswirl, has stainless steel front and rear bag riders installed
Trigger: Hart set at 3oz
Weight: 33.5lb. Using bathroom scales

Other Details: I looked down the barrel with a lyman bore scope and the barrel iS very clean. I didn't see any fire cracking, round cut unknown. Written on the barrel with sharpie is "30-8mm mag headspace good. A set cartridge came with it and the previous owner was using 180gr Sierra matchkings. Cartridge will be included with the rifle. The rear of the action and barrel sleeve have been drilled and tapped and have mounts for a unertl scope.

I don't have a hard case big enough for the rifle so I will ship barreled action and stock separately (barreled action in a hard case) unless buyer has other ideas. I can email pictured to anyone interested. Asking $1350 shipped.

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