Questions about my data


Jul 25, 2009
Hi guys! I have some questions about my reloading data. I am new to using a crono and don't have a lot of experience fine tuning my loads.

All taken at 100 yards
Rifle - Remington 700 300RUM Sendero
Brass - New Remington
Primer - CCI 250

I have 2 different powders used, the first is RL-25 with 208gr. A-Max

90 grains
3023 ES is 27fps

90.5 grains
3044 ES is 14fps

91 grains
3051 ES is 35fps

91.5 grains
3058 ES is 42fps

On all of these loads it was easy to open the bolt, there were no ejector marks on the brass, the primer was a little flatened.

Second set of data using Retumbo and 200gr SMK

91.5 grains
3023 ES is 21

92 grains
3100 ES is 22

I still have to test 92.5, 93, 93.5, & 94 with the retumbo and 200 SMK

Same as before, bolt was easy to open, no ejector marks, primer was a little flatened but not as much as RL-25.

My question is, what should I do with this data, what would you do with this data? Is the extreme spread ok? The groups were better with the RL-25 (1" - 1.25"), they were not good with the retumbo (1.5: - 2"). Can I keep going and up the powder looking for my max velocity. I have shot a 3 shot group @ .175 M.O.A. with 86.5 grains of RL-25 but was not able to duplicate that. Best after was about .6 This is a rather slow load and would like to get all I can out of this rifle. All though it is not as easy to shoot as my .308 5R I would like to get that 1 load that is repeatable that I will know what it is going to do from 100 yards to whatever. How does one find this load? I thought I had it with 86.5 but I cannot get it tight again and I think it is too slow. I haven't crono'd it yet though. I can actually shoot under 1 M.O.A all day with my 5R and know the sendero is capable as well but I have to hold the RUM tighter which gets more movement on target through the scope. There has to be a way to shoot that sucker and get better groups.

Other question, my 5R seems to have a tight chamber. It is sometimes hard to close the bolt and open after firing with factory ammo. I have ejector marks on factory ammo. My reloads do the same in that I have a hard time closing the bolt when I have full length sized the brass and it is slightly hard to open the bolt but do not have heavy ejector marks. I don't know what to think. Sorry for all the questions and my newbieness. I have actually been reloading for 9 years but recently got into precision reloading.
hey whats your load for the 5r.I am loading 43-45 grains of varget or 4064 with a 168 and 175g bullet.and I never have a problem with the bolt closeing or may need a small body die.I have found that most factory bullets are hot,even for a hunt'n round.does your 5r have alot of free bore,say .195 of free bore.seems that they all do.also I load close to the SAAMI specs in COAL"2.800".seems they all like that too.but hey you may have one that was chambered with a new reamer or will never know till you let a doctor look at it.hope that things will get bettter for ya .
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