Question on short mag feeding

I have 2 custom magnum mauser action rifles...1 was chambered in a wildcat 30/338 a d the other in a wildcat 6.5/257 wetherbyy. I rebarreleb both to the 300wsm and the other to the6.5 wsm. Now neither of these rifles will feed correctly at all. Does anyone have any ideas on how can I correct these issues
Both are my 2 favorite hunting rifles. Thanks for any help!!

Best way to unscrew that pooch is to put the old barrels back on and or rebarrel them again...

We're a bunch of gun loonies, lord knows I've made my share of silly moves when it comes to guns and women:)

Not sure why you would make that change out to begin with but it doesn't matter now as what's done is done. I wouldn't mess with the actions trying to make them feed well with WSM cases I'd just bite the bullet and move on and chalk it up to an idea that didn't pan out.

Best of luck in your travels with these favorite old friends!

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