Question on RL 25 powder....


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Sep 4, 2001
I know alot of guys here burn the slower powders and wondering if you can offer some advice. I just burned through a 2008 lot of re25 and picked up a 5# jug at the LGS. It's dated 2010.
I just noticed on another forum that someone was saying that RE15 had changed recently in that it's made in the USA now instead of Europe.
So it got me to looking at alliants data for the RE25 and holy cow have they gotten it "mild" in some of the calibers I shoot.

So my long drawn out question is have any of you guys seen big changes lately in the burn rate of re25. I realize there could be minor variations but all of a sudden I'm wondering if I might have wasted $100 and gotten a whole new animal or version of it?