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Feb 18, 2003
Just bought a new 338-378 wby with a 36 in. barrel. Looking for idea on a load (Where to start)? Would like to shoot the Sierra 300 gr. MK.
I started with one of my 338/378 rifles at 112 Grs of WC872 Powder (like H870) with the 300 gr bullet. I moved on up to 115 grs and 117 grs of the same powder that's where it liked it the best.

Your 36" barrel will propel the 300 gr very well and you will be amazed at the downrange energy and velocity that bullet will maintain at extended ranges.

You have the 1 mile "plus" rifle if you have the scope with enough clicks to make the trip.

Have fun shooting it.

I like long barrels, big cases and big bullets with a high BC. You have all three.

Darryl Cassel

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My brother is getting 3000 fps in his 32" barrel with 118gr H870 at 4.1" OAL using the 300gr SMK. His is shooting very well at this load, it was run up to 120gr but accuracy was better at the 118gr load.

Welcome to the LR hunting forum. Tell us about your rifle there, sounds sweet!

This load, in his rifle, was right at 65k psi on the Oehler 43.

Thank you for the ideas. If anyone else has an idea please reply, always looking for good ideas.
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