Question for D.C on 25-06

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Mar 2, 2003
Elizabethville Pa
Hey DC

I remember right you were sayin you have taken a few hogs @ or around 1000yds with your 25-06.. Just curious on what loads you where using.. I have one here but never did to much load development for it.. Can you suggest some loads you have found that worked the best for you? Thanks for the help

6.5 Bandit

Three of us with two 25/06 rifles got three chucks at 1100 yards one day. My wife and I killed two with my 25/06 and a friend killed one with his.

My 25/06 has a 30" barrel and the bullet I use in it is the 100 gr Ballistic tip and the powder of choice "in mine" is 54 grs of H4350.


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Thanks for the help.. Currently im using 117gr hornady with 50 gr of IMR4350.. Will have to try out those 100grainers and see what kind of luck i have..

6.5 Bandit
What kind of Scope are you looking through?
I use a Unertl 24X 2" and also a Leupold LR 30MM tube 8 1/2X to 25 X.

The 15X unertl 2" Varminter works real nice also.

The BEST optics I have ever looked through have been on the 2" Unertls

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