Question about neck wall thickness?

Varmint Hunter

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
Reaming a neck mearly removes material and does nothing to improve neck wall consistency. A careful neck turning will reduce neck thickness as it uniforms the neck walls all the way around.
Neither process will improve concentricity but a turned neck that is fired in a properly cut chamber will give you a good start.


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Feb 26, 2003
I have asked this question on a couple of boards including

So far no one has recommended reaming case necks.

I have inside neck reamers.

My best shooting cases to date started off being inside reamed before outside turning.

I found that the inside of the case necks were not uniform at all.

On fired cases, the reamer did not take off a lot of material, but it did engage.

I outside neck turned after reaming them.

The material that was removed might have been from the dies I was using since the expander ball was kind of hard to pull through.

I don't use those dies any more. No more expander balls.

Not sure if it was the infamous donut that I removed or not.

The 100 - 200 yard benchrest guys didn't seem to like the question.

They shoot tiny one hole groups without reaming the inside.

Just wanted to share this because I have asked the question before myself.


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