Question about CZ rifles?

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by japple, May 23, 2010.

  1. japple

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    Nov 16, 2009
    Does anyone have epperience with these rifles?? Are they as good as their price tag suggests? I have a freind that shoots them and have not had a chance to shoot his yet but he swears by them? It just seems like I could get a whole lot more rifle for what I pay by going to some very reputable gun smiths.

    This is what I am looking at..... Opinions welcome lets hear them.

    CZ-USA -> CZ 550 MAGNUM H.E.T
  2. Guy M

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    Jun 4, 2007
    My CZ is a little .204 Ruger for rock-chuck shooting. Excellent value for the money! I'm getting 1/2 MOA groups with 35 grain Bergers at 3900+ fps. Really gets with the program.


    Mine came from the factory with the detachable magazine that I've come to find very useful. Also a walking-varminter type barrel - not too heavy, but stout enough for precision shooting. The barrel was free floating. And the rifle has a very interesting set trigger. I didn't like it at first, but after using it for a while and making some fine shots on varmints, I decided I liked it.

    I also liked the milled-in scope mount. Also liked the terrific little mini-mauser action. Good all-around rifle, of decent quality for a production piece. I don't have any experience with the other models, except for the little .17 HMR varmint model I bought for my youngest son. It's bordering on incredibly accurate and has been a hoot! Unless of course you want the ground-squirrel's opinion of the dastardly little .17 varmint blaster!

    The safety works "backwards" from what we Americans have come to expect. Takes a little bit to get used to that.

    Regards, Guy