Quarter Minute Magnum 28 Nosler - Price Reduced


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Feb 6, 2012
Thought I had this one sold, but after holding for him, the buyer backed out. So, up again....

Built out of Idaho, this is one EXTREMELY accurate rifle. I took this rifle out over the weekend and fired the following groups (see below), .182 @ 100, .464 @ 200, and .912 at 500. In all honesty, while I have shot several sub .25 MOA groups, I typically see .3-.35 at 100. I believe that is more of a testament to my shooting skills than the rifle. But, she does shoot extremely well. I have shot her precisely 71 times, so guess her total round count is approx. 150. Both metal and stock are flawless with no dents or dings anywhere and has been babied the whole time. I'm selling because I despise vertical grip stocks and find them difficult to shoot, and this package is really too pretty to separate, so I just started another 28 Nosler build to replace this one.

Shoot load is a mild 3,065 w/ 195 Bergers and RE33. The barrel has sped up and I had to reduce my powder load to keep her in that desired velocity range.

Will sell for $3,000 TYD, with all original builder paperwork and load data. Scope and Rings are not included.

QMM4.jpg QMM1.jpg QMM2.jpg QMM3.jpg QMM6.jpg

Here are the specs:

Bat HR single shot solid bottom with integral 20 Moa rail.
Bartlein 1-8.5 #15 six flute S.S 5 groove, 26 inch
Cryo’d 300 below
Barreled action Cerakoted
Jewell trigger set at 1lb with Bat aluminum trigger guard.
Mcmillian A-3 stock
Weight is 13.5 lbs as pictured.


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Apr 29, 2015
Free bump for a awesome rifle I used to own. Someone is going to get a heck of a rifle at a crazy good price. GLWS

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