Quality Cartridge brass


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Apr 23, 2008
Northern California
Has anyone got any experience with this brass. I tried searching for reviews in several places but did not find much. They seem to offer quite an array of calibers but how is the quality for the price they are asking.
I would say the quality is average from my experience. For the price I don't see a lot of value. The guy that runs the operation seems to be very nice, hard working, and cares about what he does. If you get some try calling him directly first and save some money. He will sell to individuals and it is cheaper than what you pay from uncle Larry P.

I recently bought 250 pieces from him for a 7mm STW. For the price I paid I expected a little better life on the pockets. 2-4 shots just like Remington or the rest. In addition the flash holes were stamped, not drilled. No biggie, but again for that price either drill them or de-bur them. Weight variance wasn't bad for the lot. I can't remember off the top of my head right now what it was exactly. If its important to you PM me and I'll look it up later and get back to you. Neck wall thickness is closer to .010 than .015 on the pieces I measured.

Case capacity also seems to be a bit lower than the big manufacturers. Start lower on what your manual says rather than just loading up a batch of your old standby load that might be a little on the hot side.

For the wildcatter's wanting headstamped brass for hunting and steel banging, it's probably ok stuff. For benchrest 308 guys there are obviously a myriad of other choices out there that are probably a lot better. If you are somewhere in between and no other place carries your cartridge brass...I guess you have to weigh it out and decide.

Hope this helps.
I've used Quality Cartridge brass in a 357 Herrett and have no complaints except once case had a primer pocket a little too deep so the firing pin didn't set the cartridge off.
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