QAD AND BRACKET AND TAC 15 arrows for sale


Sep 23, 2013
I gave up on my tac ordinance after two blow ups. I have the QAD Ultra with,the mounting bracket. I paid $200 plus shipping on this baby. It helps in tuning but didn't solve my fletchings hitting the cables. I have four arrows that the bow shop reflect he'd but didn't use the proper angles. Three have the bull rings and Firenock lighted nocks one of which needs a battery. I also have 6 Trophy Ridge Ultimate steel 100 gr. broadheads that have only been shot into a block target. They were the only ones I could get to fly true. If you have this bow, you know the value of all these items. Pretty close to $400. I will take $200 for all of it and I will pay the shipping. You may email me for more details. [email protected]
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