SOLD/EXPIRED Pumps Anyone? IMI and Remingtons

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    Dec 19, 2007
    IMI .357 Timberwolf. Made by Israeli Military Industries. It's a pump .38 Special/.357 mag. It's good for less than an inch at 50 yards with a Pro-Point and 158gr Winchester +P JHP. 10 .357 or 12 .38s in a full length tubular mag under the barrel. Varmints, plinking, HD or? It's not rare because that means overpriced, but these are not often seen. $750
    Remington 870 Special Field. Special Field is an English stock with a 24" remchoke barrel. Several chokes. Shown here in Special Field Zombie mode, with factory Remington Plus Two extension (also available for a little bit more $$$). The swirls and lines are fresh oil smears. This is unfired and NIB, complete with box, paperwork, etc. $550
    Remington 7615. Matte black finish and black synthetic furniture wrapped around a 16"+/- .223 pump gun that uses AR mags. Heavy barrel, no sites and a picatinny rail. It's very accurate,solid, and dependable as a Rem 870. $650 naked or $800 with a 1.5-4.5 Leupold VariX-III in Leupold QD rings.
    Email for pics. All shipping on your dime.