Pulsar Merger XL50


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Jun 26, 2016
Boise, ID
Been contemplating some better thermo since getting an inexpensive AGM monocular. Settled on Pulsar Merger XL50 LRF in bino form factor. The detail is ridiculous. I can see flying bugs at 40yds! I can see grouse at 100yds in the grass.

I went with the XL50 over the XP50 at a significant price premium to get from 640 to 1024. I went back and forth and settled on the 1024 with slightly larger FOV.

I often hunt open high desert and wanted to be able to sort out pronghorn, deer, sheep and elk out to around 400 to 500yds. I think the XL50 will do it. I am often trying to pick mule deer out of sagebrush or whitetail out of the brush or timber.

Warm spots really pop out in a quick thermal scan in low light. I have to study the terrain significantly longer with regular binos to be confident there is or isn't something out there.

After 2 days in the field I am confident I made the right choice for longer range. I have a late mule deer hunt in the high desert sagebrush in late October. The difference is significant beyond 200yds and when using 10X zoom. I think the XP50 would be a better value under 200yds and without the use of zoom.
Buy as much res as you can afford ,
the res no. Is more important than the magnifying no.
xp50 lrf scope the 2x base mag helps field of view.
i'm still using the scope and rifle to scan , sucks when ur in a side x side ,but i cant afford both .
I use NV bino's to help ID if body language doesnt confirm at longer ranges
im in high plains desert so the NV is tough to spot coyotes in the sage if they are not moving . Other wise i think i would have NV on the gun and thermo handheld for detection ,again high plains really lets you scan at longer ranges .
under 300 yrds lets you spend alot less and you can get away without a rangefinder function .
if i could part with one of my trucks , i'd be ordering a pair of xl50's binos all the reviews have been favorable .

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